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Sorry BTW for the weird formating. I'm not sure what happened. This has happened before with me - so I must be messing up somehow.:) Oh well! It's all good!


I loved this. I miss you and wish we'd have more time in June. Any chance the fam will come down here at all during the summer?

I love you. And the girls want more Rachael pictures!



HOW FUN, AWESOME, AND WONDERFUL, are you?!?!?!!!!!

You always make me smile and make me happy, truly!!!!!!

I loved ALL the pics, especially the last one of you and Rachie, that sums up lifes blessings so well!

I love you Becca and I am SO HAPPY for you that your school year is almost done so you can enjoy some even more time with Rachie, I know how much it means to you.

Love you and thanks for everything! :)



I love that picture and the sentiment SO SO much, Becca. I love that you made our soup and enjoyed it so much. And using chives from your garden? HOW COOL IS THAT!

Continued happiness to you and yours. :)

Sandi P.

Loved this post and all the pics, Becca! And I'm envious of your garden. We wanted to plant on this year, but time got away from us.

Hopefully the last few weeks of school will fly by so that you can then count on enjoying some family time this summer.

I need to try that soup recipe...mmmm!


Becca, looks like you are truly enjoying life right now. Hope the end of the school year goes fast for you and it will be summer before you know it.

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